Tuesday, July 3, 2012

BiG news!

(no, I'm not pregnant)

We are moving north to San Pedro Sula at the end of this month! 

Jose's company has asked us to relocate.  And while it's not the move I was hoping for (I was hoping for something a little more north, like the US!) we are still excited about this new adventure!

San Pedro Sula (SPS) is the industrial capital of Honduras, so it is a little more developed and MUCH more organized as a city.  It's only a 1-3 hour drive from ALL the good stuff - Copan Ruinas, the north coast, and Tegucigalpa.  And it's cheaper to fly in and out of there than it is in Tegus.  The part I am dreading is the HEAT.  Temps average in the 80's and 90's pretty much all year, but it's the humidity that's the killer.  Pretty much round the clock it feels like you could cut the air with a knife.  Thank goodness for A/C!

I won't be working (at least initially) so hopefully I'll have more time to get back to writing.  AND I'm sure there will be plenty of new adventures to write about - living and starting over again in a new city!!

Stay tuned!