Friday, May 30, 2008

Stressed out about to-do's

When I get stressed, I freak out. About everything. And I'm very moody. I was talking to Jose on the phone the other day, and I was not being very nice to him (sorry amor!). I realized that I was just way too stressed, and so I explained that he hadn't done anything wrong, I was just really stressed. "Stressed about what?" he asked.

Stressed about what???? My to-do list is what's got me stressed out. I realize that you probably don't care what my to-do list is, but somehow, it makes me feel better to type it out and share it with the world. :)

-type detailed explanations of everything that I do (so whoever takes my place will know what to do)...and I do a lot! HR, A/P, filing, answering the phone, directing visitors to the proper location, keeping the plant manager goes on and on.
-I need to catch up on all invoicing...all of the really hard invoices that I have trouble entering, or that have the paper work done incorrectly. They all have to be fixed in just a few weeks.
-the grand opening! Our facility grand opening (even though we've been here since October 07) is June 24. I'm planning just about the entire event.
-reorganize my files so the system is understandable to someone else

Plans for trip:
-plan a BIG yard sale and sell everything that Jose left behind, plus all of my stuff that I can't fit into 2 suitcases
-sell my car, or get someone to take over my lease (any takers?)
-find a telecommuting job
-figure out the requirements for Honduran residency/work visas (remember, I don't speak a lot of Spanish, and the Honduran government websites are useless)
-catch up on all of my doctor's visits before my insurance coverage ends
-ship the big/heavy items to Honduras (computer, favorite paintings/pictures, etc)

Charlie's list:
-find an airline approved carrier for him to fly in
-go to the vet and get his vaccinations up to date
-go to Frankfort to get the USDA certificate signed and approved that he is not a rabid, disease carrying animal :)
-teach him Spanish
-find a vet in Tegucigalpa willing to meet me at the airport and verify that he can enter the country
*sigh* Back to work!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


It's official! Jose proposed on Friday night. :)

For those of you that don't know yet, Jose moved back to Honduras on Sunday (5/25). Charlie and I will be joining him in July (depending on when my last day at work will be). There is so much to do before we leave! Aside from preparing to leave my job and train someone to take my place, I am planning the grand opening of our plant. It's getting close, so I'm starting to really stress out!