Friday, May 30, 2008

Stressed out about to-do's

When I get stressed, I freak out. About everything. And I'm very moody. I was talking to Jose on the phone the other day, and I was not being very nice to him (sorry amor!). I realized that I was just way too stressed, and so I explained that he hadn't done anything wrong, I was just really stressed. "Stressed about what?" he asked.

Stressed about what???? My to-do list is what's got me stressed out. I realize that you probably don't care what my to-do list is, but somehow, it makes me feel better to type it out and share it with the world. :)

-type detailed explanations of everything that I do (so whoever takes my place will know what to do)...and I do a lot! HR, A/P, filing, answering the phone, directing visitors to the proper location, keeping the plant manager goes on and on.
-I need to catch up on all invoicing...all of the really hard invoices that I have trouble entering, or that have the paper work done incorrectly. They all have to be fixed in just a few weeks.
-the grand opening! Our facility grand opening (even though we've been here since October 07) is June 24. I'm planning just about the entire event.
-reorganize my files so the system is understandable to someone else

Plans for trip:
-plan a BIG yard sale and sell everything that Jose left behind, plus all of my stuff that I can't fit into 2 suitcases
-sell my car, or get someone to take over my lease (any takers?)
-find a telecommuting job
-figure out the requirements for Honduran residency/work visas (remember, I don't speak a lot of Spanish, and the Honduran government websites are useless)
-catch up on all of my doctor's visits before my insurance coverage ends
-ship the big/heavy items to Honduras (computer, favorite paintings/pictures, etc)

Charlie's list:
-find an airline approved carrier for him to fly in
-go to the vet and get his vaccinations up to date
-go to Frankfort to get the USDA certificate signed and approved that he is not a rabid, disease carrying animal :)
-teach him Spanish
-find a vet in Tegucigalpa willing to meet me at the airport and verify that he can enter the country
*sigh* Back to work!

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