Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Charlie's Introduction

I've been so carried away making our plans, that I forgot to introduce you to Charlie. :)

This is Charlie. He is a strange mix of Border Collie-Terrier, and he is about 1 year old. He is the absolute sweetest dog in the world. He is very playful. When he gets really excited, he acts crazy and does flips and jumps around. He's also very skiddish.....he's scared of everything. He doesn't even like to walk by the HVAC return register in the hallway when it's on!
I already voiced my concerns to the vet about him being scared on the plane....and she assured me that it is VERY unlikely for a dog to have a heart attack from fear. ;)
He also doesn't understand a word of Spanish (or English, really) so hopefully he won't be too confused in Honduras! :)

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