Wednesday, November 19, 2008

didn't i tell you i was indecisive?

So I've been making plans and changing them, again. Jose is getting very tired of this. :)

We had to change the wedding plans. Instead of having a destination wedding in the Bay Islands here in Honduras, we are having 2 weddings: one in Honduras, and one in KY. Why are we changing the plans? It's a reallllly long story. But in the end, this is better because now ALL of our friends and family will be able to share in our special day(s). :)

The Honduras wedding is a civil ceremony only, on 11/29/08. Here in Honduras couples often have two weddings (a civil and a religious) so it's not too strange for us to do a civil wedding here. It's going to be in what I call the "hotel district" in a charming part of downtown Tegucigalpa, in the Hotel Plaza San Martin. There will be a short ceremony with the lawyer, dinner, and dancing.

The KY wedding is the religious wedding on 12/20/08 in the KY Building on WKU's campus (Jose and I met on campus 4 years ago!). Ever since I was a little girl I've been dreaming of a Christmas wedding, and now I get to have one! However, since Jose is Catholic and I am Baptist, we aren't getting married in a church. :) Being married outside of the church is going to allow us to combine our favorite traditions from both religions for our ceremony. We are also combining 2 languages with a translator. This should be a very different and very interesting wedding ceremony. :)

And remember a while back when I announced that I was working as the Coordinator for the Academia Europea? Umm, that changed too. :) To make a long story short, I didn't get the job because I decided to stay in KY a week longer than originally planned. I know it wasn't responsible, but I think it happened for a reason. Since I've been unemployed for several weeks now, I have had time to plan 2 weddings (which, trust me, is a full time job). And while planning those weddings, I came across an excellent business idea. I've decided to open a store designing/creating/selling invitations. While planning my own weddings, I realized how much I enjoy it and that I'm not that bad at creating the invitations. :) And everyone that has seen my work says the same thing. Soo, HB Designs will be opening in January when Jose and I come back from our wedding/Christmas vacation in KY.

Hopefully, these plans won't change! :)

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DON GODO said...

Congratulations!! My wife was Catholic and I was raised Baptist too. After being married for a couple of years, we found a great compromise that works good for us. We became Lutheran...Lutheran services are very similar to Catholic services with a traditional liturgy and holy communion (so my wife is very comfortable), yet I'm able to remain Protestant (Martin Luther started the Protestant reformation), so I'm very comfortable.

We wish you all the best .

Have been in Honduras with my family for the past two weeks and enjoying it very much!!