Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Now Hiring... food workers in Tegucigalpa

Job Description
You will be responsible for listening attentively (or not) to customers and taking their orders. It is not necessary to enter the order correctly. You will repeat the order back to the customer, and when they correct the order, enter it incorrectly again. (Feel free to do this multiple times.) Feel free to give them the wrong order even if they did repeat it to you 5 times (see example #1 below). You will NOT accept orders that are not on the menu (see example #2 below). And this means no customizing the order, even if our slogan is "however you'd like it." You will learn how to say "no hay sistema" (the system is not working)...but only when they have waited in line for 10 minutes, already ordered, have a debit/credit card, and don't have cash with them to pay. Also, you will be responsible for telling customers that you are the supervisor/manager/owner, even if you aren't, in case they ask to speak with a superior. Finally, regarding those signs that say "your order is free if your order doesn't match your receipt" is just a joke. It is your duty to get really pissed off if someone points that out to you...and make up some excuse why it's not the restaurant's fault and we, therefore, do not have to give a free meal.

Example scenarios
#1 - When you give them their meal and they check it and it is incorrect and they say "for the 5th time, I only want bread, meat, cheese, mustard, and pickles," take their meal back to correct it. BUT, just to be sure, go back to the window and ask them if they want vegetables, you know, just in case.
#2 - If they want their burger cut into pieces because of, let's say, recent dental work; this is obviously not available because a cut-up burger is not listed on the menu.

Mandatory job skill
Complete stupidity

Desirable skill
Bad attitude

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