Monday, December 21, 2009

12 days of giving

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. In the US I usually pick a name from the Angel Tree each Christmas. But here....?? And this is a country with such poverty that I had no idea where to start...

So I'm snagging an idea from Heidi over at Sacred and Profane....

I'm modifying it a little since I'm getting a late start (can you believe there are only 4 days until Christmas?!) and I'm going to do 12 ACTS of giving instead of 12 DAYS.

And I think you should do it too! If 12 acts is too much in 4 days, do 10, or 5, or even 1!

For those of you that live in the US or elsewhere, check out Heidi's blog at the link above for some ideas of what you can do. For those of you that live in Honduras, here are some ideas ...

-Collect all the coins in the house/car and put them in one of those buckets in the check out line at the supermarket
-Give the guard at your office or neighborhood a small gift
-Christmastime adds a lot of extra work on our maids since we are having more people over and cooking more. Give yours an unexpected afternoon off to do whatever she wants
-Pay for the coffee of the person in line behind you in the drive thru at Espresso Americano
-Let the kids at the gas station/intersection wash your windshield (even though it makes it more dirty!)
-Stop to let someone cut in front of you when they are trying to turn at a busy intersection, etc instead of speeding up so they can't get through (like we all normally do)
-Keep several sandwiches/apples/bags of water/cups of noodles in your car and give them to the kids that beg at the intersections, instead of giving them a few lps that their mother is probably going to take anyway
-Give an extra tip at a restaurant instead of only what's already included in the check

Do you have any other ideas?? It's usually just the little things that make a big difference here.... Once, at the gas station, I bought some gum from a little girl going car to car. She commented on how pretty my lip gloss was, so I put a dab of it on her finger to use. She was smiling ear to ear and went on and on about how pretty she looked in my side mirror. The bombero almost cried, haha. It cost me nothing, but made her day (and mine)! So you see! It's the little things. :)

Now you go try, and then come back and leave me a comment telling me about it!


DON GODO said...

Glad to see you posting again...and this is really a great post. 12 acts of giving or even 12 acts of kindness can go a long way here in Hondudras... but it can still actually be 12 days if you start on Christmas day and end on King's day or Epiphany, which is the 12th day of Christmas (Jan. 6)!!

This day is always very special to me because it also happens to be the date of our wedding anniversary.

One idea that we always do is whenever we go out to eat, instead of bringing the leftovers home, we get them packed to go and give them to a lonely guard, street person, or child selling Chiclets.

Laurie said...

This act was done before your post but I can't forget it. I was being "bothered" by an old dirty man at a gas station in Tegu. I finally thought, well, I will give some fruit that I have in the truck. He began to eat it ravenously with tears in his eyes. You never know what your random act may do in someone's life.