Tuesday, February 8, 2011

i knew this would happen

What did I tell you? I knew I wouldn't keep that resolution. But a girl's gotta try, right?

I've got lots to say...just no time! HELLO, I have a new baby. Everyday is a new adventure. But there's not a lot time when you have one of those. AND, I feel like I would bore you all to death with only baby news.

So how's this?

I spent way too much of my baby-is-sleeping-so-you-can-get-stuff-done time looking at the urban outiftters website tonight. My heart skipped a beat at the sight of almost everything. I love eccentric things. I mean, just look at that scarf strips shag rug! No one in Honduras has one of those. And those Alice drawings! So unique!

But, oh my, would you look at this headboard??

I saw it and fell. in. love. My heart said YES. My wallet LAUGHED. And my brain said HEY maybe YOU can make that!

What do you think? Should I give it a try????

And, of course, the obligatory cute photo...


Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Yes, I bet you could make that. There are probably some great tutorials online.

Jennifer said...

When I first read it and clicked on the link I was totally confused. I kept looking for a headBAND, LOL. Then it dawned on me headboard. Duh!

You could def. Make that. Look up a tutorial online (as already mentioned) I remeber watching Christopher Lowell making them on TV and he made it look easy.

If you do decide to make them I hope you post progress pictures as you go.