Thursday, August 13, 2009

Word of the Day Wednesday (on Thursday) ;)


(say fOOOt-bohl-leest-eek-a-mehn-teh)

I learned this new word last night while watching the Costa Rica vs. Honduras soccer game (which Honduras won 4-0, btw). I was intrigued by this word when I heard the announcer use it, because I couldn't think of an English equivalent.

After consulting my go-to online translator, and studying up on my grammar, again...I finally discovered that I was right....there is no exact translation. So, let's break it down...


-the first part of the word is obvious, because futbol is Spanish for soccer
-ística is an adjective that basically means "in relation to"
-and finally, mente, which is basically like adding an ly in English (creating an adverb)

So, finally, we have a sort of definition (forgive me if I'm completely butchering this word, and if you know of a better definition, please share it!)...

Futbolísticamente is sort of like saying "in relation to soccer."


Honduras es mejor, futbolísticamente.
Honduras is better, in relation to soccer.

Geez what a long Word of the Day Wednesday, haha. Only the language of a soccer-crazed culture would have a word like this...


Live Simply Love Strongly said...

How about "in soccer terms" or "in the soccer world..." That's a crazy word, it's like saying "socceristicly speaking." I wonder if soccer guys use that a lot? Sounds made up, but I guess if you REALLY love soccer, and talk about it a lot you might NEED a word like this. ;) LOL

Hannah said...

Socceristicly (or socceristically?)is better than what I was originally Thanks! :)

Laurie said...

I can think of 2 more words that I use after I heard them here. Problamente and solamente. But that's the first I heard of the mangling of futball. Of course, I seldom watch futball on television.