Sunday, November 1, 2009

How YOU can help "the little country that could"

I have been upset the last few weeks knowing that I can't vote in this historic Honduran presidential election coming up on November 29. HeLlooOO...I'm living in this country and I want my voice heard. But I can't vote since I'm not a citizen. Que triste! :(

Then La Gringa posted information on her blog about being an election observer!

You can read all about how to do it on her blog here.

I read all of the official application documents that she posted. My thoughts? Oohh, we get a security badge? That's so CSI, so Law & Order, so SWAT.... I'm in!!!

I honestly thought that, but I really want to do it because this is the BEST way for my voice to be heard.

Hello, CNN, I am tired of you telling the wrong side of the story and manipulating the US population.

Forget voting! Now I can participate in an even better way.

And if I can get away from work to actually do it, I will so be blogging about the experience and telling the world the truth. (Okay, maybe not the world, maybe just my few hundred readers. But every little bit counts, right?)

If you are an expat living in Tegucigalpa, or if you want to travel here for the elections.....come with me to be an election observer! Pllllleeeeaase? I don't want to do it alone. :)

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Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Had to try it after reading your post!