Friday, May 21, 2010

healthy AND delicious!

With todays visit to the local Yogen Fruz, I announce that I have officially tried all of the flavors (except for higo, because I'm not sure what it is). AND I've tried them all with a variety of toppings. My favorite? It's a tie between canteloupe with granola or strawberry with granola. (You see, I add the granola so I feel like it's even healthier....)

This is a little bit embarrassing, since it means I go there on a regular basis (like, every other day) and I think the employees are starting to recognize me.

In other news, I am boycotting Zara because they wouldn't let me shop while I ate the aforementioned frozen yogurt. And you should too!....because who tries to take frozen yogurt away from a pregnant woman??? ;)


Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Yum! Frozen yogurt! Higo is fig, isn't it? Doesn't sounds like a flavor I would enjoy for my frozen yogurt though, so it's probably better you skipped!!!

Alejandra said...

Yup, higo is fig. I actually like figs, you should try it just to say that you've actually tried all of the flavors :-p

DON GODO said...

Try the coconut...It's yummy...a family favorite!