Saturday, May 22, 2010

marketing FAIL

*because the future is written with an F*

I am no marketing expert, but this tag line has been really bugging me since I started seeing it about a month ago.

Yes, future starts with F. But so do a million other words! Some of them are good words, but honestly none of the good ones come to mind first. How about the F-bomb? Failing grade? Fake? Fraud? Frustrating? How about the word FAIL?


Jane said...

OMG - that is hilarious! Of course, yes, the first thing that comes to mind is a curse word! BTW - lookin' good in your "preggers" state!

Alejandra said...

I've been complaining about the same thing, though what bugs me is that it says EL futuro (THE future) so it should start with E, not F! xD

Laurie said...

I was puzzled and bemused yesterday in Ficohsa as I read this advertisement. Hmmm. Failure not future. F*** came to mind too. I gues b/c most of my career has been with kids with disabilities and emotional problems, I hear that one a lot.

Leonel said...

Wow, you really are Americans aren't you? hahahaha, come on, it's by Hondurans for Hondurans, I get it. Ficohsa=Future (not true, but that's what they are marketing), it's that simple.
It's easy to make fun of this because of the f12ck word, but if Spanish is your primary language then that's secondary or nonexistent.
Of cursed if I'm pissed at the bank's service of course I'm going to come up with other words starting with F, like falso or fraude.

Yes we are simple folk (ad agencies included)so?
So are many midwesterners in USA.