Thursday, June 24, 2010

Claro TV update

Remember this story about my experience with Claro from forever ago??

It turns out that a friend of a friend is the Gerente General at Claro. She told him my story last night, and in turn he had his assistant call me first thing this morning. I told the assistant the whole story and she apologized a million times and said they want to do "whatever is necessary" to redeem themselves.

I'm supposed to hear back from her tomorrow. I think if she actually calls back when she said she would...that's a big step up for their customer service! ;)

Stay tuned for updates....


Live Simply Love Strongly said...

It really helps to "know someone," doesn't it?

Kristen said...

Hi Hannah! Thanks for finding our blog (Teguciwhat). It is great to read the blog of a teacher in Tegucigalpa, and of someone who brought their dog! I think we may have some similar experiences, so I'm eager to catch up on your past posts! ANY information you have about having/bringing a dog to Honduras, living in Tegucigalpa, anything is most appreciated! We will be there in 5 days, but all information is good information! :)

Jennifer said...

you should point them to my blog post about them as well as to ms patty to hear more about how wonderful they are in Tocoa.

Kristen said...

Hello again...we are here!! I wanted to ask you about your Internet with Cable do you find it? We started up with Amnet 2 days ago, and we have no complaints, but Cable Calor has VozIP, something my husband needs for work, and we are considering switching. A friend here in Tegucigalpa says her dad's Internet is VERY slow with Cable Calor...any thoughts? Also, how many channels do you get with Cable Calor, and how many are in English? :)

Thanks! KF (