Friday, August 15, 2008

dedicated to Mandy

One of my friends in Honduras responded to my blog with this message:

Hi Hannah it's Mandy. I finally saw your blog and I like it. Just one house does have a yard and grass, not all houses are like Jose´s. And this is for Hannah´s friends back in BG - it's not as bad as you think!!!!!!! Honduras is beautiful, it´s just a culture shock. Don't be scared to come visit us, I know you´ll like it, I can bet on it!!!!!!!! Byeeeeeeeeeeeee, Mandy

I'm sorry are right! Honduras is beautiful, and I'm really loving it here so far.

So, because of Mandy's message, I feel the need to set a few things straight...
-A lot of people DO have yards here! After visiting other people's houses/apartments, I've learned that not everyone lives like Jose's parents. And while the yards are not even close to being as large as the ones in KY, they do have them, and they are a treat from the ugly pavement in the rest of the city. :)
-People DO use dryers! Jose's mom told me no one used them because the dirty water makes your clothes stink (what? I can't believe I believed her). But the truth is, she's stubborn :) and likes drying her clothes the old fashioned way...on a clothes line! And she's not alone...a lot of houses have clothes lines. However, a lot of them have dryers too. :)
-While it IS very dangerous here, and I'm being very careful, so far I haven't even been "cat called" at since I've been here. (Although people DO stare...but that's another story.)
-I brush my teeth with the tap water *GASP*, and I still haven't gotten sick. :)

I have been here exactly one month today. While I do miss my family (VERY MUCH) and friends, and Charlie of course, I haven't been very home sick! At first, I was very critical of everything here. But now, I'm starting to appreciate the things that used to frustrate me. (Example: Lack of organization/structure at my job is actually a's much more relaxing!) And you'll never believe this....instead of Spirit Master time (15 minutes early) I've begun to operate on Honduran time (at least 15 minutes late). Haha, I'll be a catracha (girl from Honduras) before you know it. :)

So you see, it's not that bad. :) It is very different from KY, but I'm absolutely loving every second of living here. I hope you'll come visit!! :)

"Unpackaged. Unfiltered. Unspoiled. This is the majesty of Honduras. From the breathtaking sunsets in Roatan, to the misty green mountains of Pico Bonito, Honduras is a vibrant wonderland, full of adventure and breathtaking beauty. It is the centerpiece of Central America. And you will be as awed by the splendor of it’s land as the warmth of it’s people. Discover all the reasons Honduras is the Central America you know in the country you’ll love."

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