Saturday, August 23, 2008

what a fun week :)

This past week has been very eventful. :)

Wednesday night was the big soccer game between Mexico and Honduras (it was in Mexico, unfortunately). We went to a bar called Loca Luna to watch it with friends. Practically the whole city shut down for the game (except the bars of course). And I have never seen fans like the ones here in Honduras! When Honduras made their first (and only) goal, I thought the floors of the bar were going to fall in from all the people jumping. They were all jumping, and hugging, and kissing. My friend Mandy said she almost cried. Haha! The night was fun, but Honduras lost to Mexico, 2-1.

We were extra-patriotic...we had a Honduran flag on the car.

Our friends Juan Carlos and Kurt at Loca Luna.

Mandy and I in our jersey's. :)

Before the end of the game... WHO'S GOING TO WIN????

After the game...sad faces. :(

On Thursday night, Jose and I went to the Museo para la Identidad Nacional. Our friend Juan Carlos (Mandy's boyfriend) works there, and invited us to a special event for the opening of the Francisco Goya exhibit. I love art, and there was a nice reception afterwards. :) Even better....the photographers from La Tribuna were there. I've been trying to make it into the society section, haha!!...maybe I'll be in there in a couple of days. :)

me with friends (left to right) Mandy, Patty, and Michelle at the reception
And last night (Friday), we had a cookout for Gustavo (Jose's brother) because he left to go back to the states today. We went to Jose's family's "country house" in Valle de Angeles. We cooked burgers, ate corn on the cob, and played cards and pool. It was a fun, relaxing night. :)
This week was fun, but I'm looking forward to the next because Jose had an interview yesterday, and got called for another interview at another place too. I'm anxious for Monday to get here so we can find out the status on both of his prospective jobs (and mine too!). :)
I'm also counting down the days until I get to go back to KY for Drew and Sara's wedding! I'll be in town on Sept 16. I hope I'll get to visit you all! :)

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