Monday, August 11, 2008

el restaurante

For those of you that don't already know this, Jose and I are going to be opening a restaurant here in Honduras, in one of the available retail spots that his parents just built. Why a restaurant?? I have no idea...but it's been fun learning about how to do it. Who knows, maybe it will become famous and we can franchise it...then we'll be famous!! :)

We have decided to open a sandwich shop, offering specialty sandwiches (it won't be a "make your own" place like Subway), wraps, salads, daily soups, and smoothies. The location is right across the street from one of the biggest gyms in the we want to make our options natural, healthy, and for the diet-conscious.

I came up with some ideas for names last night, and he and I have narrowed them down to 3. We need your help!

1. Agovago - (say AH go VAH go) it's another word for avocado...but it's not Spanish. (from a website: "Over several centuries it's been called by many names: ahuacate, avocaat, agovago, albecatta and alligator pear.") By not being a Spanish word, we offer what I call the "gringo appeal." For some reason, the people here are drawn to products/services from gringos (north americans) more than products from their own people. The word is different, funky sounding, and relates to a vegetable...therefore saying that we offer healthy foods. Also, it starts with the letter A...therefore putting our name at the beginning of alphabetical listings (ie, yellow pages).
2. Sin Culpa - ( say SEEN cool PAH) this is Spanish and the literal translation is "without guilt." Get it? You can eat here without feeling guilty because we offer healthy selections.
3. Very Verde - ( say very vEHrDAY) verde means green in Spanish. We offer the "gringo" appeal by using the English word VERY, and we let our customers know that we offer healthy (green) products and services.

What do you think??? Please post comments...I really need help. I can't decide between the 3!!! :) Also, any other restaurant advice would be greatly appreciated!

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