Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dear Charlie,

I miss you very much! I heard that you are having a lot of fun while you stay with uncle Drew, aunt Sara, and cousin Max in Kentucky.

The cargo office at Continental Airlines says that you should be able to come in mid-August when the high travel season is over, and I can't wait! I've already been to the supermarket to make sure that they have your favorite food, and I checked the pet store to make sure they have all of the medicine you might need if you get sick (don't worry, a lot of people get sick from the food the first time they come to Honduras!).

And guess what else? Your abuela (grandmother) Marlene and abuelo (grandfather) Gustavo have three dogs for you to play with when you get here! There is a guard dog, and her name is Osa. She is a good guard dog. She barks at all of the people walking by on the street that she doesn't know, so she keeps us safe! She might sound mean, but she is very sweet and playful with the people she knows. I think you are going to have fun with her the most. The other two dogs are still puppies. Sneaker is a poodle, and Muneca is a chow. They are both very playful, and since they are puppies, they chew on everything! I think you will enjoy chewing things up with them. :)

I've already told them all about you, and they can't wait to meet you! The only thing we are all worried about is that you are going to be very confused about where to go potty! There is no grass here! In Tegucigalpa, people don't have yards. They build their houses to fill the whole lot, and then whatever is left, they cover with concrete for a driveway. The other dogs go to the bathroom on the driveway, and then we just clean it up. Since you are trained to potty in the grass at home, you are going to be confused. But don't worry! The other dogs said they would teach you. :)

Charlie-puppy-dog, I can't wait for you to get here! I hope you are being good for Sara and Drew, and that you and Max are staying out of trouble. :) I love you!!!!!!

PS - The Miskito Indians (an indigenous group of people that live in the area of Honduras on the map below) have a story to explain why dogs are man's best friend. Ask your aunt Sara to read it to you, because if you ask your uncle Drew he will say "No, that's stupid." :)

Long ago men and women lived apart. The men lived together and were separated from the women by a great river. In the river, there was a fierce alligator who ate anyone who tried to cross it.

However, one man was determined to cross the river. He looked at the situation from all angles and decided that the only way he could cross the river was to get the alligator to take him. So he went down to wait for the reptile.

Soon enough the alligator came. "It is forbidden to cross the river," it said.

"I know," said the man. "I was thinking that, in fact, the only one who can cross the river is you. You are so strong. You could probably cross the river with me on your back and be back so quickly that no one would notice it."

"Well perhaps," said the alligator who was a little vain about his strength.

"But then again, maybe you can't do it. Maybe it is too much for you."

All this time the alligator was thinking. He could take the man part way across, toss him in the water and eat him. "No, no, I can take you. Just get on my back and I will show you."

The man rode on the alligator's back almost to the other side. Then he jumped in the water and swam to the beach. When he got to the beach on the women's island, he said, "While I am here I might as well stay until tomorrow. Come back and get me tomorrow."

The man spent the night with the women, but all the time he was worried about the alligator. He knew the alligator would be upset. When he got to the shore, it was worse than he expected. Many other animals were there to see the alligator's vengeance on the man who had tricked him.
But when the alligator was about half-way across, a dog started barking. "Come closer. I can't see you clearly. I want to see you when you take vengeance on this man." So the alligator came closer to shore. But the dog barked again. "I still can't see you clearly. Come closer." The alligator came in so close, the man was able to jump off his back and run to freedom.

Ever since that day, men and dogs have been best friends.

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