Thursday, July 10, 2008

Countdown....5 days

It's almost time! I can't believe that I'm moving to Honduras in 5 days!

For the most part, things are going smoothly. I have a fabulous replacement at work, and I am confident that she is going to do great...even better than me! ;) It's a little easier to walk away from work knowing that my "baby" is going to be well taken care of!

The only problem that I've had so far with moving is with Charlie. It's harder to get a dog into Honduras than it is me! And no one seems to know anything about the requirements for import...not even the Honduran consulate. I finally figured out the paperwork issue. Next, my problem is with the airlines. Charlie cannot fly with American because it's too hot at our arrival destination. So he will be flying with Continental (everything with them is temperature controlled so it doesn't matter what the temperature is)...and Continental Cargo doesn't depart from Nashville. So I have to drive Charlie to Louisville on Monday morning, and he will fly to Houston by himself. He has to stay overnight in Houston, and then he will fly from there to San Pedro Sula, Honduras on Tuesday. I will arrive in Honduras on Tuesday also, so at least we'll arrive on the same day!

I'm starting to learn (even though Jose has told me a million times) that things are going to be VERY different in Honduras. It's a hard pill to swallow. Even though I've been very aware of the cultural differences there, I'm just now completely understanding how difficult it is going to be for me to adjust. Yesterday, I called the USDA KY office several times and was able to demand that they rush my paperwork for Charlie. I can't do that in Honduras! I won't be able to be my very forward, pushy self...that won't get me anywhere in Honduras like it does here. I am going to a dangerous country, and a very dangerous city. My fair skinned, blond haired self is going to be a target for crime, and I'm starting to get scared! Last night I called my mom crying because I'm starting to become very aware of the obstacles I'm about to face. I'm also already homesick...and I haven't even left yet!!!

Everyone, please pray for me. Please pray that I will stay calm and collected, and have the strength to handle these difficult challenges. And pray that Charlie doesn't hate me for making him fly on an airplane. :)

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