Monday, July 21, 2008

Consegui un trabajo (I got a job!)

I got a job today! It was easier than I thought...but that's only because one of Jose's good friends used to work there. The people didn't even want to see my resume, they just told me to come back tomorrow for training!

It is called the Academia Europea (European Academy...see their website here: and it is one of the most elite of the language schools in Tegucigalpa. And since I'm a gringa (from the US) and a native English speaker, I will make more than the Hondurans working there. I will negotiate my salary tomorrow, but I think I will probably be able to make $80 HNL an hour (that's a little over $4 USD an hour). Also, they will be able to provide free Spanish lessons if I want them. :)

It almost seems too good to be true, that I found a job that easily. I guess we'll find out tomorrow how good it is when I go to training!! :)

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