Thursday, October 30, 2008

embassy experience

Today I had my first experience at the US Embassy in Honduras. I had to go to get notarized paperwork so Jose and I can get married in November. First of all, I felt like a rockstar going inside. There were probably almost 100 Hondurans lined up outside waiting to get in, but I got to pass the line. All I had to do was wave my US passport and they let me in!! I think the Hondurans waiting for their visa appointments kind of resented that. :)

Once inside, I checked my cell phone (you aren't allowed to take your phone in, for some reason) and made my way to the US citizen services department. I told the woman at the window what I needed, and I was shocked at how nice she was to me! Most Hondurans don't know the meaning of customer service and act annoyed and bothered by customers. But these people in the embassy, they are polite and very helpful. :)

My only complaint was that they didn't post on their website that there is a fee for this notarized paperwork. AND they don't accept credit cards. So, I had to walk 2 blocks away to the closest ATM and get cash. When I got back to the window, I paid, waited about 15 minutes, got my paper, and I was outta there!!

Now, all we have to do is get our medical exams and we're set to get married! Hooray!

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DON GODO said...

When is the big day? Will the wedding be in Tegucigalpa? How will it be different than if you got married in the States?