Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Honduran Paparazzi

Today I was in a not-so-great part of town (down near the stadium in Tegus) visiting a paper wholesaler for my business. Don Ruben, an employee of my in-laws, dropped me and my assistant at the door of the store.

When we came out of the store about 2 minutes later (it turns out they're not a paper wholesaler like they said on the phone yesterday), Don Ruben wasn't there with the car. The guard outside the store said that he had seen him drive down the street to park. We walked in the direction that the guard pointed us. I was a little nervous, because it's not a safe place to be walking down the street for anyone, but especially not for me. And especially not when I'm carrying an oversized purse that I'm sure the people on the street think is filled with dollars (I always want to scream...just because I'm white doesn't mean I'm rich! My husband earns lempiras just like you! Haha!)

So anyway, as we rounded the corner, there was a group of 4-5 guys just standing around. When they saw us, they immediately started taking pictures of us with their phones!


I was so overwhelmed and confused that I didn't know how to react! So picture me there...a little white girl all dressed up (for work) in heels, clutching my purse against my chest so no one can steal it, almost in tears with my hands over my face so no one can take pictures of me, yelling over and over "ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod." I'm sure it was hilarious for them.

Finally, Don Ruben appeared with the car, and we dashed off away from the photogs.

Haha! I guess now I know how Britney feels. Okay, not really, but kind of...right? :)


Enamorada de un HondureƱo said...

Oh yeah I'm sure that won't be the last incident like that~ When I was in Honduras I was usually with a man but the few instances when it was just me and another girl I got soo many stares, honks and "hey babies." I was only there for a week so I am not sure if this is how it usually is but they seemed to not say anything or stare when i was accompanied by a man, is this how it is for you?

Trisha and Kelly said...

Hannah, your experiences are both funny and scary. I think you need to take Osman w/you wherever you go from now on.

Hannah said...

Enamorada - I think you're right. I'm almost always out in public with my husband, and therefore never experience this. I have been yelled at before, stared it, etc...but no one has EVER taken my picture. That's what made it such a strange experience!