Friday, February 13, 2009

my bodega find

I found this handmade, antique cabinet in the bodega (storage) at my in-law's house last week. It was full of old rotting books and magazines (from the 70's, ha!). I had the workers drag it out for me (it was under piles and piles of junk) and clean it up. I was thrilled to find out it hadn't even been touched by termites.

Unfortunately it wasn't left untouched by the roaches. Roaches like to eat book bindings and glue, so they have been feeding on the treasures inside for who knows how long. I was terrified to bring it home and infest my house with roach eggs or anything that might be inside of it. So I left it outside for a whole week to "air out" and sprayed it with bug spray everyday. (I am a little paranoid about the roaches, ok?)

I took it home yesterday to our apartment, and it is just perfect! (And so far, no roaches!) It looks great with the other furniture, and has so much character.

Jose and his parents are appalled that I would want this "old piece of trash" in our house. Why don't people here appreciate the beauty of antiques?!?


Trisha and Kelly said...

I love the antique cabinet!!! Wow, it's so exciting that you found it in the bodega...good job in finding it. I can't understand why they don't appreciate the character from old furnishings.

aighmeigh said...

That is a gorgeous piece of furniture!

Maybe the lack of appreciation is along the same lines as why people tend to look down at people being self sufficient because they *want* to be... you know, the idea that the only reason to grow your own vegetables or have chickens is because you can't afford to buy them.

Who knows... I am continually mystified by the how different the mindsets can be in Central America.

Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Beautiful! I also appreciate the beauty in antiques, especially if the wood is nice. I have had conversations with my husband about this. He was raised in both Honduras and El Salvador...he is of the opinion that new and modern is better, than "old stuff." I think it may be partially a cultural thing, or at least have to do with the way he was raised, to place value on what is modern, the new technology, stuff that comes from the States, etc.

I hope you killed all the bugs. I hate bugs. Don't you worry about all the chemicals in the sprays, though?

Jennifer said...

Ugh, it wont let me comment. This is the 3rd time trying, LOL.

I love that - I wish I could find something like that in a bodega for my house.

As for the roaches - we just had a big discussion about this on the Honduras Living yahoo group - Bay leaves are the answer it seems.

Place bay leaves - fresh or dried - in your cabinets, on your countertops, wherever and they will keep the roaches and other bugs away. I know that when I am heading back to Honduras, I will be bringing back TONS of bay leaves (ojas de laurel) and boric acid (for the ants) with me.

Olancho Bound Gringa said...

Aaah, I love that! It's beautiful!
And, yes I do believe it's a Cultural Thing. They don't want anyone thinking they can't afford a new one!

DON GODO said...

Have you ever wondered why there are virtually no antique shops in Honduras?

Hannah said...

You are all's just a cultural thing. They want everyone to know they can afford a brand new one!

And I have found 2 antique stores in Tegucigalpa so far. I'll write a review of my favorite one for you soon. :)

DON GODO said...

Check out 'Veranda'. It's across the street from the VW dealership, and is the best antique store we've found.

Honduras Sprout said...

I love it! When I was in design school, my favorite class was actually furniture design. When I come across awesome old handmade pieces I start to drool. Even if they aren't cookie cutter perfect.