Thursday, May 21, 2009

Honduras, not a What but a Where

"I live in Honduras," I explained to the operator at Toyota Financial.

"Honduras? WHAT is that?" she asked.

"WHAT is it? It's a Central America," I replied.

"Oh, do they, like, have a different kind of money over there?" I mean, really?


Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Did you see the map that La Gringa put on her blog? Funny. But on a serious note, it shocks me how little people know about the world outside of the U.S.

Jane said...

Funny! When I phoned U-Haul for quotes to El Salvador, you wouldn't believe how uneducated these people were with regards to Geography. Two reservation agents I spoke with had never even heard of El Salvador or Central America and one of them thought it was in New Mexico somewhere!

Hannah said...

Isn't it sad? The best one I've EVER heard is... "Honduras? Do they speak Mexican there?"