Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Word of the Day Wednesday

Maje (say mAH-hay)

I'm running out of favorite Spanish words to teach you. *gasp* So until I can come up with some new ones, I'm going to use my husband's favorite words.

And I'm pretty sure this is his favorite word because he says it all. the. time.

My online translator defines maje as a guy/bloke. The best equivalent I can think of is man/dude. Por ejemplo:

Hey maje, what's up?
Hey maje, let's go play pool tonight.


Live Simply Love Strongly said...

My husband says that all the time!

Grimfairy said...

OMG..I've never heard that word before. My husband always refers to his friends as "Hey Loco". I guess it's just his thing.

Hannah said...

LSLS, I think you are going to enjoy the next few Wednesdays then! You'll have to keep commenting...I am interested in knowing if my hubby makes up all of these words or if they are actually Spanish. hehe

Grimfairy, my husband uses loco a lot too!

ccypop said...

Mmm, well being a Honduran myself, I can tell you that maje can have a bad connotation, there's really no english word that could reflect that though. The best way I can put it is like when you say "no seas tan maje!" could easily be translated to "don't be such an A**hole!".

But if you're like really good friends with someone you can say "hey maje!" or "aja maje!" as a funny greeting.