Saturday, May 23, 2009

the Plague is upon us

A few weeks ago Honduras was experiencing burning season, when fires fill the forests and fields(both man- and mother nature- created), and therefore fill our skies with smoke. So for about a month, the skies were full of smoke. It burned my eyes. And caused a major allergy flare-up. But then we got a few days of rain and it ceased. Finally.

But now, the skies are filled with something else. Bugs. Big, flying bugs. A fellow blogger wrote about these bugs in her town of Gracias, Honduras last week. I was praying we wouldn't experience them here. But here they are.

The sky is full of the palomillas (say pah-low-mEE-yahs). They are evidently a sign of the coming rainy season. They fly around until they land (not sure how long this takes) and their wings fall off and they cover everything as nasty, dying worms. Yuck. Thank God we have screens and they aren't covering my furniture like Faith's house!

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