Monday, March 15, 2010

hellooo smoky season!

We technically only have 2 seasons in Honduras - the rainy season and the dry season. But I am declaring that there are actually 3. That's right Wikipedia, update your info. These are the seasons in Honduras: dry season, smoky season, and rainy season.

Since the last rainy season (which wasn't as rainy as usual) it has only rained a few times. That's like, 6 months with only a few inches of rain. Talk about a drought!

And what happens when there isn't any rain, we go into our hottest time of the year, AND it's time for the farmers to get their fields ready for crops (remember, they burn their fields)? Ahh, bienvenido smoky season!

That's right, smoky season. As in, the air is full of smoke. In the city, you can't smell it and you wouldn't even know it was there if it weren't blocking the view of the mountains.

(see those beautiful mountains in the distance? oh, you can't really see them? that's because there's smoke blocking the view!)
And if you weren't an observant person and didn't notice the lack of mountains in the distance, then you would still most definitely notice that all of a sudden your throat hurts all the time and you can't breathe through your nose anymore.

I am tired of waking up every morning with a stopped up nose from the stupid smoke. And it's SO hot right now that it's impossible to sleep with the windows closed. And I know in a couple of months I will probably be begging for the rain to stop... but will someone please, PLEASE do a rain dance or something?


Lynette said...

Gives new meaning to "a breath of fresh air." My eyes are burning just just thinking about walking around in smoky streets.

Laurie said...

Yes, it's the worst time of year in Hondruas: smoke, smog, pollution, and heat. I can't wait for the rains.

Hannah said...

I woke up to the sound of rain on the skylight this morning and got SO super excited. Then it only lasted 3 minutes. :( Ha!