Monday, March 15, 2010


I know that this is a strange and foreign land to a lot of you, but this sight today was even strange and foreign to me.

Yes, that is a giraffe. It was being pulled on a trailer in the middle of some protest or something, in front of the Casa Presidencial. And pobrecito, the cage wasn't even tall enough for him. :(
Now, there is a circus in town, but the 50 or so people walking in front of/behind the trailer were all wearing red, which is the color of the resistencia. If it was them, I'm not really sure what a giraffe has to do with the resistencia. "Come join our circus" maybe?

Just to be clear, giraffes are not native to Honduras. Hahaha


Lynette said...

Poor thing, that's so cruel. I guess they needed some sort of mascot.

Laurie said...

The circus is from Moscow. Russians(the reds) might that be a clue?

Hannah said...

Hahaha, I know. I told my husband this story, and he was like DUH Hannah it was obviously promotion for the circus. I said "well, I think they should have been carrying a banner or something to promote wasn't that obvious." He said, "well, I got it just fine." haha DOH!