Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I miss Target, Barnes and Noble, and Hobby Lobby.
Places that are open 24 hours a day.
Organic products.
The selection of products in the makeup aisles in the drugstores.
Cherry limeades from Sonic.

I miss WKU.
Seeing WKU sweatshirts everywhere I go.
Craft beer.
Boot and sweater season.

I miss AUTUMN.
The leaves changing colors.
The cool nights/mornings.
The smell.

I miss long walks around the city at night with friends.
Seeing Corvettes.
Having drinks at 440.
Buying pumpkins at Jackson's Orchard.
Caramel apples from Jackson's Orchard.
And their apple slushies.
And their apple pies with vanilla ice cream.

I miss my family.
My friends.


So STOP posting your lovely fall pictures on Facebook or I'm going to fall into a deep depression.

:) :) :)

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Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Sorry to hear you are missing home. It's hard to be far away from people you love and things and places you enjoy. I'm sure there are wonderful things you are enjoying there that aren't available here as well. Here I am in fall, wishing I were in a warmer climate - the sun, the fresh fruit, being within travelling distance of a beach, the sun, warmer temps, being able to go outside without a coat, not having to dig your car out from a pile of snow or clean off ice, and did I mention THE SUN! Can you tell I'm not fond of winter? :) I hope you are feeling better soon. By the way, I have been eagerly waiting to hear more about your job...how's it going?