Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Word of the Day Wednesday

DISCLAIMER: This Word of the Day Wednesday is just chock-full of profanity. Sorry :)

(say poo-cheek-ah)

Puchika is a "replacement term" for the Spanish curse word puta. People here also say "pucha" (say poo-chah). It is like saying shoot/crap instead of shit, or heck instead of hell.

(Background: In case you didn't already know this, puta means bitch. But people use it differently here. If you stub your toe, you say "puta!/puchika!"

I'm starting to realize that people in Honduras use it for EVERYTHING. I hear this about 50 times a day in school. I would say the English equivalent would be "Geez!" or "wow!" or "oh man!"...the list goes on and on.


me: Eduardo (one of my students), sit down.
Eduardo: But I have a question!
me: You can ask it from your seat, sit down!
Eduardo (with a mad face): Puchika!

(you stub your toe on the door) Puchika!!!!

my boss: Are you busy?
me: Oh my goodness yes. I am working on 4 weddings AND exams for school!
my boss: Puchika! You are busy!

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Laurie said...

One of the joys of teaching in Honduras is learning all of the cuss words. Enjoy your academic year.