Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Honduras' Gossip Girl

I have a confession: I love the CW show Gossip Girl. It's my guilty pleasure. Okay, that and ice cream. And candy. And gossip magazines. And...well, you get the point.

(Just a quick side note: I would like to send a shout out to my favorite cable company...the one that sent the thieving technicians!!...for NOT having CW and therefore not showing the current season of GG. Thank goodness for the people that provoke the copywright laws and post the episodes from this season on YouTube! Whoever you are, bless you!) ;)

Anyway, back to the subject: I love GG. I love its overboard drama. And as one writer put it, it's "as pretty as a perfectly prepared martini that some nasty, picture-perfect have-it-all may or may not have drugged." (Mary McNamara from the LA Times gets the credit for that one.)

So you can only imagine my excitement to find out that Honduras has its very own real life Gossip Girl...La Chiky. She even has a blog! (in Spanish only, sorry!) She even has her own little saying like the CW GG, "Con polvos magicos, La Chismicienta." (English: With magic dust, "Gossip-erella." Ok, it sounds a lot better in Spanish than in English, ha!)

"You know you love me, XOXO, Gossip Girl." ;)


Ky's Treats said...

I love GG. I cant wait for Monday! New episodes come on. Have you tried watching the episodes on That is what i do when I have to work or cant watch it. I dont know how well your internet connection is, but hopefully it will work! GG is too addicting.

Hannah said...

Kylie...unfortunately CW is prejudiced and only allows people in the US to watch episodes from their website. Haha, ok, maybe they're not prejudice...but they still don't allow it! ;)