Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who is Charlie?

There seems to be some confusion. Are you wondering who Charlie is?? :)

If you are new to my blog, and you don't want to read back to the very beginning (I don't blame you...I wouldn't either!) then you definitely don't know who Charlie is.

Charlie is not my husband's name. Charlie is not my husband's nickname. Charlie is not an imaginary friend. Charlie, in fact, is not a person. He is my dog!

(baaaaaby-dog! *in a really high pitched voice* Are you laughing Brooke?!) ;)

When I first planned on moving to Honduras, I did a lot of research to bring Charlie here with me. It's more difficult to bring a dog here than a person. But I made all of the necessary arrangements. And in the end, he still couldn't come. (Read the whole story here.)

And he is STILL not here with me. I went to Kentucky for my brother's wedding in September of 2008, and I stayed for about a month. When I came back to Honduras the airline said it was too hot to bring him on the plane. So he stayed in Kentucky with his grandparents. :) I went back to Kentucky for my wedding in December, and stayed for 2 months. The plan was to bring him here with me then. But guess what? It was too cold, and the airline wouldn't allow for him to fly.

So now that the weather is perfect...not too cold and not too any of the destinations, he is going to be able to come to Honduras! Geez, finally!

My parents are moving to Honduras at the end of April. (Visit their website and blog.) Actually, first they're going to Costa Rica for several months, and then moving Honduras. When they leave Kentucky for Costa Rica, they are going to fly Charlie to me. :) And we'll finally be reunited!!! :)

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