Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How do I like living in Honduras?

I've been receiving quite a few emails lately from people that are thinking about moving to Honduras. One question that they've all asked is...

How do you like living in Honduras?

I have a love/hate relationship with Honduras. Some days I hate it, some days I love it. Sometimes I love it and hate it all in the same day. Actually, it's usually like that. For example:

1. I wake up to the man on the street selling vegetables from his truck. He has a megaphone and speaks like an auctioneer in Spanish. Realllly annoying at 6:30 am. I hate Honduras.
2. I take a shower, and the hot water lasts as long as I want it to. We have an instant hot water heater (I didn't even know they existed!). I love Honduras.
3. I leave the apartment to find that our neighbors left the front gate open again. Do they want us all to be robbed? I hate Honduras.
4. On the way to my store, I soak in the view of the mountains in the distance and the incredibly blue sky. I love Honduras.
5. I get cat-called by taxi drivers as I walk across the street to my store (and it's only like, 50 feet!). I hate Honduras.
6. I open my store. I love the fact that it was so easy to open a business here with not very much money. I love Honduras.
7. I try to call the Worst Cable Company In The History Of Honduras and no one answers. For 6 hours. When they do answer, they hang up on me. When I try again, it's busy for 3 more hours. I hate Honduras.
8. I head to the supermarket. The weather outside is GORGEOUS! I love Honduras.
9. I have to roll up my windows for safety/the smell of exhaust on the way. I hate Honduras.
10. I need to buy canned cherry pie filling at the supermarket. I know they sell it, because I saw it there last week. But, guess what, they're out this week. And fíjese que, they don't know when they'll get more. I hate Honduras.
11. They are also out of skim milk. I hate Honduras.
12. I buy like, 2 lbs of brocolli for about $.50. Fresh veggies are cheap! ;) I love Honduras.
13. Everyone in the supermarket stares at me. I want to scream "what are you looking at?! I KNOW you people have seen gringas before." I hate Honduras.
14. On the way home I soak in the beautiful view of the mountains in the distance and the orange sky as the sun is setting. I love Honduras.
15. I come home to a sparkling clean house. I love my maid. And I love Honduras.
16. I cook dinner for my hubby. We eat together at our dining room table in our apartment. I love Honduras.
17. I finally get time to sit down and read the paper. There were 2,000 kidnappings and 5,000 murders in Tegucigalpa yesterday. (ok, I'm being a little dramatic) And it's all complete with the graphic and disturbing photos. I hate Honduras.
18. We head to Loca Luna for a few drinks and to watch the game with good friends. I love Honduras.

And the next morning, it starts all over again.

Honduras has it's good and bad points. But mostly, I'm enjoying the adventure of it all. :)


Live Simply Love Strongly said...

:) I enjoyed reading this! Thanks for posting.

DON GODO said...

I too have a love/hate relationship with Honduras.

I love it when I look at the mountains and blue sky.

I hated it when I had a flat tire and the spare was missing, and I realized it could only have been stolen at the dealership/garage where work had been done the previous month.

Garay One said...

Welcome to Honduras ;)