Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Word of the Day Wednesday

Read this ad for an apartment in yesterday's paper:

"LOMA LINDA SUR - 2 plantas, 3 habitaciones, c/u con baño, la principal con yacuzzi, walking closet, agua caliente, cisterna, sala comedor, cocina americana, garaje (2), $ 1,000.00. 239-6170/9981-6993."

"Walking closet." Hmmm... I think they mean walk-in closet. :)

Actually, the pronunciation in Spanish of "walk in closet" does sound an awful lot like "walking closet." It's just funny because in English, this would mean a closet that walks. Not something I'm looking for in my next house! :)

And YES, this apartment costs $1000 USD! I'm telling you, it's not cheap to live here like you're all thinking!!!


Alejandra said...

Oh, come on, think about it... You could just call your closet, so you wouldn't have to move :-P and even better, since it can walk, it's possible that it could tell you where your pants were, or the pair of shoes you can't find :-p
Sorry, extremely random comment... but I had to get it out...

La Gringa said...

I've also read and heard "walking" closet. I've also been told that a big closet is not a walking closet unless it has a bathroom in it, too.

Hannah said...

Haha, Ale, thanks for sharing that very random but very funny comment. ;)

LG, Very interesting about the bathroom-in-closet. But believable since, you know, this is Honduras. ;)