Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Birthday Gods...

I want am in need of a few small things and, as you know, my birthday is coming up (May 11, to be exact). Here is my list (for now):

-Just a little tiny air conditioner would help me sleep so much better during this hot season in Tegus!
-It would be so great if you could send a shipment of cherry pie filling (or, even better, fresh/frozen cherries!) to any of the supermarkets here so I can have cherry cobbler and vanilla ice cream on my birthday.
-A swimming pool would be a nice relief from the aforementioned heat.
-Oh, and if it's not too much, a car with an automatic transmission so I can finally drive myself around.


Zuniga said...

I just love your blog , I want so much to visit Honduras . My fiance is from Tegus //Comayagua . and as you mentioned your B-Day being May 11th . My grandmothers and my fiances is that day as well . it is early but Happy Birthday in case I dont tell you then .

Honduras Sprout said...

That's my dads bday too! I bought a can of cherry pie filling at Los Andes in San Pedro Sula for about L100. It would have been much, much better if I hadn't messed up the dessert I was making with it. Doh!

Hope all your bday wishes come true!