Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Word of the Day Wednesday

Pila (say pEE-lah)
A pila is a really big sink/basin. Think utility sink. But these sinks are reallly big and made out of concrete. And every house has one.

This is a picture of my pila. The maid uses it to fill up buckets of water. And she uses the wash board on the left to wash the mop and cleaning rags by hand.


ashley said...

i love word of the day wednesday!!!! i always try to use the word sometime during the week:)

Hannah said...

and i love that you love it! ;) i'm interested to know how you used the word PILA in your daily vocab, though. haha

Honduras Sprout said...

I <3,<3,<3 (and miss) my pila! Americans are missing out!