Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Semana Santa

This week is Semana Santa (Holy Week). The entire week is a religious celebration starting on Palm Sunday. This day is spent celebrating Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem. Monday-Wednesday are also Holy days, and celebrate events which occurred on the corresponding days between Palm Sunday and the Last Supper. Thursday (Maundy Thursday) commemorates the Last Supper of Christ. Friday (Good Friday) is the day of mourning for Jesus' death. Saturday is spent in silence and prayer in mourning again. Sunday (Easter Sunday) is spent celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

Although this holiday is historically a religious one, most people in Honduras use it as their "spring break" and go on vacations. Most of our friends are flocking to the coast or the islands. Overcrowded beaches, pick-pocketers, and drunk tourists? No thanks. :) Jose and I are heading to Comayagua, a colonial town about 2 hours from Tegucigalpa. I find the religious history and Latin American customs of this holiday fascinating, so we are going to a small town to witness the traditional processions of Semana Santa.

I have never been to Comayagua. And like everything in Honduras, this should be an adventure. ;) Stay tuned for the crazy stories I'm sure I'll have after the trip!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great adventure!