Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Word of the Day Wednesday

Today you get 2 new words. Why are you so lucky? 1. Because I missed last week, and 2. because I learned 2 cool new words. ;)

Largo/a (say l-AHr-go)

If you've ever taken a basic Spanish class, you know that this adjective is used to describe things that are long. But in Honduras (and maybe other Latin American countries?) this is also an adjective used to describe someone that will take advantage of you the first chance they get. It comes in very handy here, with all the lying maids/assistants/etc. But it's especially useful when describing people like the thieving technicians from the Worst Cable Company In The History of Honduras.

Spanish: Los tecnicos de Claro son largos.
English: The technicians from Claro are (people that will take advantage of you).

I couldn't think of a word like this in English. Does one exist? or am I just suffering from first language attrition?

Mataburro (say mAH-tAH-bOO-rrrrr-OH) *the rrrr means to roll your R's ;)

This is probably one of my favorite Spanish words so far. Not because of what it means, but because of what the literal translation is. I also like to say it because I'm getting better at rolling my R's. ;) A mataburro is a brush guard (the kind you mount on the front of a vehicle).

But if you dissect the word and translate it into English literally, it means "kill-donkey." Hehehe. I can't say it without giggling. I hope that now you love it just as much as I do.


Live Simply Love Strongly said...

My husband calls doctors, "matasanos." (kill-healthy-people) That always makes me laugh, especially since I'm pretty into holistic medicine. It takes on a whole new meaning in Honduras though, where treatment by some "doctors" really could kill you.

Honduras Sprout said...

Okay, just keep those words coming. Very interesting. I may learn more from you that my Honduran husband. Ha!

Garay One said...

Mas LARGO que el Anillo Periferico. O la Carretera del Norte.

ashley said...

You KNOW I live for Word of the Day Wednesday (ok, maybe not literally, but it is a bright spot in hump day). So I was a bit worried when you missed a week and didn't give me a word to use that week. I read this the day it posted, but promised myself I wouldn't comment til I'd used The Words in conversation. I am pleased to inform you that I have used both largo and mataburro this week. Largo I used when a friend of mine felt that she was being a pushover. I was like "some people really are largos. You can't let people take advantage of you." Imagine the confused look on her face! Next I was biking with a friend and said "what a cool mataburro on that SUV!" He was like "What? That was so random and weird!" I just smiled and said "Hey, check yourself. Bet you don't even know what mataburro means. I know you're jealous." Then I went on to tell him about Word of the Day Wednesday and your cool adventure in Honduras. He walked away impressed:) hope you're having a great day. I'll hope and pray a supermarket that is logically organized will magically land in your town!